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大家新年好呀!在这欢乐的日子里,愿新春的爆竹能够传送我们A+ Playlab尚嘉玩学玩乐体验馆对诸位的深深祝福:祝大家“猪”事大吉,万事如意!

新春佳节,总少不了我们欢歌乐舞的开心一刻,所以我们诚邀您参加 “贺新春”的亲子游园会,在这里您可以带着宝贝体验“五谷丰登“收获的之喜,也可以畅玩“十里桃园“的文艺小店,还可以感受“年年有鱼“的神奇世界... ...


Happy Chinese New Year! The jungle of the silver bells has brought us a festival of blessing.? A+ Playlab wishes everyone happiness for the year of pig.

You are all invited to join us at the 2019 Happy CNY parent & me party where you can celebrate and have fun with many of our Chinese New Year theme activities.?

Looking forward to see you soon!





When and Where

2019/02/17 (Sunday), 10:00-12:00

Level 3, shop 308 L’avenue, 99 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Contact us: 021-61156271



How to Register:?

Before 2019/02/15, long press and scan the QR code below, fill in the registration information to reserve your seat for free.


“玩”是孩子的头等大事。如何让0-3岁的婴幼儿在玩中学,玩中乐,以“玩”的方式充分发展与成长自我,为其一生奠定优异的基础?A+ Playlab为现今新时代家庭提供了一种创新的亲子玩学玩乐体验,鼓励探索发现、激发创意,把父母和婴幼儿紧密连结起来,一起发现“玩学”和“玩乐”的意义。

"Playing" is a top priority for children. How to help children enjoy learning while they play and promote life-long learning development?

A+ Playlab provides an innovative parent-child experience for today's new-age families, encouraging discovery, inspiring creativity, connecting parents and children, and discovering the meaning of “learning” and “playing”.



“Parent and Me” 0-3 bilingual immersion program. This program focuses on giving children the opportunity to gain an understanding of the surrounding world, develop their personality, social and emotional skills, language skills, develop a healthy and creative mind and body, learn to communicate, practice solving problems and reasoning.?

Children practice and develop these skills through multi-sensory activities, messy play, musical enrichment, creative art and gross motor/fine motor play. 0-3 years old is a critical period for the development of your baby's brain, so learning through experience is especially important for this age group.



Signature Playshops: Every weekend, A+ Playlab arranges special experience courses for children of aged 18M-8yrs old, with play experience in creative art projects, reading fun, mommy and me yoga, fun cooking and various other experience projects.?


除了课程设置极其专业,玩学玩乐的设计风格也深得现代父母欢心。把大自然元素引进室内,例如探险游乐园及每间主题教室内的大树、洞穴、树屋、草地,全部采用自然界的清新色彩,令孩子在玩耍时充分体验身心的松弛和宁静。穿行而过的小火车,则是一抹亮点,不时引来孩子们的欢呼。A+ Playlab更拥有一个多媒体影视厅,利用了日本进口的高科技扫描投影互动技术”teamLab",将孩子的画作与海底世界完美融于一体。与其跃跃欲试,不如去一探究竟吧。

In addition to our dedicated curriculum, our purpose-built center has won the hearts of modern parents. Many elements of nature are introduced in our interior design, such as the adventure amusement playground, caves, tree houses and grasslands in each theme classroom.? In addition, our specialized interactive 3D multimedia collaboration with “teamLab” make us an ideal place for families to create and connect.?

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